Silver Case Black Dial(2)
Silver Case Black Dial(2)笔形遥控器Silver Case Black Dial(5)Silver Case Black Dial(4)Silver Case Black Dial(1)Silver Case Black Dial(3)

Silver Case Black Dial+Pen Remote Control


Firstly, Some performance routines do not need to use remote control;

Secondly, the sensing distance of the wrist watch is longer than that of the pocket watch;

Thirdly,the remote control is not sold alone.

What if you had the power to predict a THOUGHT OF TIME, with absolute accuracy? With this, you now can! Imagine this, you set the time on your watch, and hand it off to the spectators. With things out of your hands, and in full view the entire time, the spectator find that the time on the watch MATCHES EXACTLY the time they named!
THE FUTURE OF MAGIC WATCHES has arrived! Designed to perfection, Infinity Watch 3.0 by Bluether Magic leaves no stone unturned. Loaded with cutting-edge technology, impeccable accuracy and remarkable versatility, Infinity Watch 3.0 by Bluether Magic is the ONLY watch that a magician will need!
Magic watches have become increasingly popular in the recent years. To suit the needs of the magic methodology, many of these watches have their functionality compromised. To solve this problem, we have spent a lot of time, effort, and resources to come up with this product. Designed with the intent to be worn every day, the Infinity Watch 3.0 by Bluether Magic looks, feels & works EXACTLY like an ordinary watch. With our custom cutting-edge technology, you will now be able to perform miracles with NO HASSLE, NO SUSPICION, ANYTIME & ANYWHERE.
Infinity Watch 3.0 by Bluether Magic is the epitome of “Substance meets style”, and everything you could ever hope to get in a magic watch.
No Suspicion:
The watch looks, feels & works EXACTLY like a normal watch. It keeps accurate time and its crown can be turned ordinarily.
The watch brand is renamed to “BLUTHER” purposely so that spectators cannot find it online.
Hassle Free:
Owing to our advanced motion sensor technology,you can turn on the watch Simply by flipping it over.
Longer Lasting:
The easily replaceable button battery has an AMAZING standby time of 4 years and an operation time of 220 hours. No need to charge your watch.
Incredible Signal Detection:
You can use your watch comfortably up to 50+ feet away from remote.
Durable and Needs Minimal Care:
Everything has been produced of high-grade materials for lifelong use. 
Extremely Easy:
It is easy to perform and suitable for most people. 
Instantly Repeatable
What You Receive:
Infinity Watch 3.0 - Color & Model Of Your Choice:
·Wrist watch(Available in 4 classy styles)measures 42.50 mm and weights 63.30 g.
·Pocket watch(Available in 2 majestic looks)measures 47.50 mm and weights 97.80 g.
Specially Designed Remote Control Of Your Choice – Pen Or Keypad:
·Its special design make you can easily feel the orientation and other buttons’ locations.
·With fully customization vibration strength (Soft/Medium/Hard), it adapts to ANY environment.
·There is an ON/OFF and charging notification light. 
USB Charging Cable
Instruction Booklet:
·It provides you the basic information and online tutorial about the watch.
5 Envelopes with 5 Cards:
·These are some additional accessories for you to use in our routine.
The in-depth tutorials include everything you need to know about your Infinity Watch. PLUS 5 incredible routines which can bring you different performance experience.
·Basic Routine: You can present ANY time named by the spectator after you set the time on your watch.
·GUESS MY TIME: You set your favorite time on your watch and let the spectator guess it.
·Prediction:You take out one prediction envelope in advance, and then let the spectator set one random time by turning the crown without looking. Finally, the time on the watch MATCHES EXACTLY the prediction in the envelope.
·DOUBLE MIND READING: It is the magic about the destiny! You can read the spectator’s mind and the spectator read your mind as well.
·BACK IN TIME: It allows the time on your watch to fly back to ANY time you want.

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