About us
Established in 2015, Bluether Magic Co., Ltd. is an innovator in the magic world. We are a professional creative manufacturer of all types of magic related products and effects.
Bluether Magic is the preeminent designer and manufacturer of miniaturized electronic devices in the industry, producing some of the number one rated mental effects and props for magic’s top wholesale and retail companies. Bluether Magic is the creator, designer and manufacturer of it’s own highly acclaimed Infinity Watch 2.0 and Smaller Pro - an easily concealable smoke device.
Bluether Magic is also the manufacturer and designer of world class coin gaffs. Originally a silver gaff producer, in 2019 Bluether Magic introduced its line of gaffed coins using replica Morgan Dollars. Barber Half Dollars, and Walking Liberty Half Dollars coins at Blackpool, these gaffed replicas were the best of the best at affordable prices.
In 2020, Bluether returned to Blackpool to introduce the first in its line of a completely new replica Morgan Dollar based on a new alloy which allows the coins to be soften. The process creates a coin where the color is consistent throughout the coin, no copper or brass coin that has a thin platting of zinc or nickel that will wear out over time.
At Blackpool Bluether introduced several new services. The introduction of custom gaffes based on our existing coin line (Slippery Sam and Magnetic 3 in 1). We are now also offering a softening service for our Coin set 2.0 and Nested Four in One 2.0.
Our products are shipped world wide. Do not be taken in by counterfeiters. There is only one Bluether Magic. We produce the best of the best.