Coin Set 2.0


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Coin Set 2.0

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This year at Blackpool we introduced our first set of gaffes made from an alloy that allows for the production of brilliant, proof like quality gaffed coin sets.
These coin sets look and feel like Morgan Dollars. They are weighted perfectly and their finish is amazing. The expanded shell provides over 95% coverage leaving just the right amount of space allowing for you to control when the gaff and coin will separate.
These sets were an instant success at Blackpool.
These are not the cheap copper coins which have a thin silver plating that wears off with time; these are beautiful replicas which are a brilliant silver color that will last the life of the coins.
Owing to the new alloy the sets can be softened (yes you can sand the coins with no change to the coins color) and aged to the user’s own requirements or we can soften them for you.
This is what Mickey Silver said about our new alloy Morgan Dollar replica shell set, “Miracles can be done with that set.”

Included in this set you get:
4 matching Replica Morgan Dollars;
1 Expanded Replica Morgan Dollar Shell
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un-circulated, soften

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