Cups & Balls Set (Brass/Stainless steel)


By Wonder House X Bluether Magic X Raphael

An alternative to the Cups and Balls routine.

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Cups & Balls Set (Brass/Stainless steel)

Brass(In stock)
Stainless steel(Ship in February)
Cups and balls set

By Wonder House X Bluether Magic X Raphael
An alternative to the Cups and Balls routine.

Features about Cups and balls set

Consists of two chop cups and a standard cup. 
Makes the CAB routine more expansive and simplified some of the classic sequences. 
The pattern and embossing of the cup body are both artistic and functional. 
Both the brass cup and stainless steel cup use mirror polishing technology. 
With Sheepskin Small Ball and Exclusive Storage Bag for cups and balls. 
Exclusive tutorial:A three-phase routine and necessary skills to this set of cups and balls.


Cup Opening- 68 mm or 2.7"
Cup Height- 73 mm or 2.9"
Cup Weight(Brass)- approx. 266 g or 9.4 oz
Cup Weight(Stainless steel)- approx. 245 g or 8.6 oz
Small Balls- 22 mm or 0.9"
Storage Bag Diameter- 80 mm or 3.1"
Storage Bag Height- 195 mm  or 7.8 "
Storage Bag Thickness- 1.6 mm  or 0.06"

About Us

Wonder House

A mysterious land devising and selling wonders around the world.The Leather Chop Cup‘s design advice and full-routine ideas provided by Wonder House, produced by TCC in 2020, also successfully raised $46,000 on Kick starter. Attention to detail design and innovative routine has also allowed us to accumulate a good reputation. Believe us when receiving each product from Wonder House, you will have a good experience in quality and creativity.

Bluether Magic

Bluether Magic is the preeminent designer and manufacturer. Our Company has a close cooperative relationship with magic’s top wholesale and retail companies. Through our tireless effort, we design and manufacture series of Infinity Watch which is highly praised by consumers and Smaller Pro,an easily concealable smoke device.


Luciano Chun, the founder of Raphael, has been focusing on coin magic since 2005 and began to make props for himself after he came into contact with coin props during his study in Italy in 2014. While living in Italy, he communicated with many world-renowned coin artisans and collected the props they made, so he had a knack for making coins and cups & balls. Nowadays, Luciano Chun makes his coins, cups and balls, and other props perfect in perfection and the world's best requirement.

Cups & Balls  

【The secret】

Thanks to Dai Vernon, the professor, and Michael Ammar, we learned the most classical Cups and balls routine. It is challenging for us to make changes and create a personal version of an almost perfect routine. Therefore, when designing this set of cups and balls, we explore more possibilities, hoping to make more surprises for the cups and balls' application. 

We took a different approach to use two chop cups and a standard cup to form the set. And chop cup can adsorb the balls well inside and outside. We were surprised to find that a small change made the cups and balls routine more expansive and simplified some of the classic sequences, thus enhancing the magic atmosphere in some effects. When you rethink the classical routine with this set of cups and balls, you will gain a lot more than usual.

When using a chop cup alone, you can also perform the chop cup routine. Of course, it's OK to use two chop cups to perform double cups routine, and the audience will be impressed also.


The original figure pattern of the body is like an ancient rock painting that describes the whole process of the cups and balls routine. Holding it in your hand is like having an artwork full of historical stories, and you can also thinking outside the box and take the pattern as part of the performance.

In terms of shaping, we are unique. Based on the cup design provided by Raphael, we have added three embossing lines that have a smooth feeling. In addition to decoration, it also has an anti-skid function, which makes your sleights more stable during the performance.
The improved cup shape combined with the appropriate final load ball or fruit can create the illusion that the cup can not fit. The moderate cup size is more in line with most people's hand-holding habits.


Both the brass cup and stainless steel cup use mirror polishing technology to retain the purest texture. After repeatedly screening of materials, the sound is more melodic and clear.

 It is worth mentioning that each set of brass cups can get a different oxidation texture after use, which is elegant and full of history, rather than machine-made as industrial aging. Stainless steel will not be as fake and bright as electroplated products. It always maintains a unique hard texture and luster of metal and always catches the audience's attention during the performance.

【The ball】

It comes with five small balls (including two magnetic balls), a rubber ball as the inner core, better weight and feel, and uses sheepskin as the surface, which is not easy to get rid of during performance.

【Exclusive storage bag for cups and balls

Exclusive custom suede storage bag with high-quality leather and metal buckle
Compared with deerskin, high-end suede has no peculiar smell
Moderate thickness and obvious shock absorption help protect the cups
Classic and elegant, easy to carry
Diameter ≈ 80 mm, height ≈ 195 mm, thickness 1.6 mm

Exclusive tutorial

We will teach a three-phase routine and necessary skills to this set of cups and balls. The following are some of the contents:


Application of the magnet on the bottom
How to achieve the magic effect with body language and subtleties
The skills of vanishing a small ball and how to make a good vanish
New techniques in classical routine

The routine

Part I: Penetration effect

In this part, you will see an interlocking opening effect, which can make the ball pass through the cup and make the magic wand and even the cup pass through the cup. This part is also prepared for the second part in advance.

Part II: Disappear and reappear

The ball is integrated with the sound wave and disappears and appears with the sound wave. This is a presentation of art, with more emphasis on the expression and performance of lines.

Part III: Transfer effect

Based on Dai Vernon's classic, laypeople and magicians will be surprised to improve with chop cups. The magician transferred the ball to any other cup, and every step was very clean and fair. The interaction between the audience and the magician reaches the highest point. The audience can determine almost every step, thus pushing the effect to another level.
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Brass(In stock), Stainless steel(Ship in February)

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