Customized Infinity Watch V3 (wholesale)


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Customized Infinity Watch V3 (wholesale)


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 “In order to be IRREPLACABLE, one must always be UNIQUE.”

The irruption of Infinity Watch V3 lighted up the market.

The new Infinity V3 by Bluether Magic has captured the imagination of the conjuring community. Its technical innovations have won the praises of many in the magical community because it allows the audience to see a standard watch while hiding all of its advanced programmable features. 

When the classic and multifunctional watch raised the eyebrows of audience in the show, it also gained the magician’s affection and admiration. 

Unfortunately, there have been some negative comments about the watch, biggest being that spectators can “easily” search the internet, thereby breaking the illusion. Moreover, more and more magicians, propelled by their higher expectation on the watch, have wished to inject their personal taste into the device, so that their own magical charm could be fully released. In the end, a customized version of the Infinity Watch is exactly what they asked for.  

We at Bluether take these comments and thoughts seriously and are announcing a limited run of Infinity V3 watches that will allow the magician to customize the logo on the face and back of the watch to match your style. 

Having a customizable option, both on the face and back eliminates the spectator’s discovery of the watch and its technology.

We answer for the diverse needs of our clients with private customized services.

Bluether will continue to bring to you the Best of the Best, the best magical props at the best price.

What will you get from our private customized service?

What does it mean to be EXCLUSIVE?

Imagine owning not just the powerful magical watch in the market, but also a watch that is PERSONALISED and UNIQUE to you.

With Bluether Magic Make Your Infinity V3 your own. The look of your watch can now be CUSTOMISED in the appearance. Making your Infinity Watch V3 invisible on the internet. With your own unique Logo or message making it a TIMELESS piece of art, truly unique, one of a kind!

Completely in your control, you can now decide the watch’s LOGO or WRITING, with your own custom and personalized designs.

Perhaps a prediction or REVELATION? Maybe a KICKER ending reveal after a time prediction? Or just a personal branding to ensure that your audience will FOREVER remember you? Your imagination is the ONLY LIMIT!

Oh, did we mention, this customization applies to both the FACE and the BACK!

Moreover, the bezel and bracelet of the watch can be chosen as your call without limit, as well as every detail of the gadget.

What is the point of private customized service?

Perhaps a prediction REVELATION? Maybe a KICKER ending reveal after a time prediction? Or just a personal branding to ensure that your audience will FOREVER remember you? Your imagination is the ONLY LIMIT! 

When a luxury brand on your hand may be a good choice to present your wealth and status, an Infinity Watch exactly declares your distinct taste and unique characters with the one-and-only design of yourself.

LIMITED to 100 sets WORLDWIDE, no more beyond that! From now to forever!

Order Process:

Please order with your self-made logo, based on which we are going to sketch the design for your confirmation. After that, we will hammer out the customized work of your own ideas.

1 Place your order on

2 Send us your logo by email ( ) when you shall not pirate the logo of other brands for legal reasons.

3 We will visualize your ideas, and the images of the front and back of the watch will be provided for you to verify the design.

4 Your watch will be produced and then delivered to you.

Be advised: no more than 2 months will normally be needed for the delicate producing procedure and sound delivery.

Dial Color

White, Black

Dial Numerals

Roman, Arabic


Gold, Silver


Black, Brown

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