Nest Four in One 2.0


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Nest Four in One 2.0

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A Morgan Dollar appears out of nowhere, it is shown front and back, inches from the spectators face, then there are two, again hands are empty. The third appears and then the fourth appear in rapid succession. Four Morgan Dollars are at the finger tips and disappear in rapid succession until there is one and then…

This is the beauty of the Bluether Magic’s new Nested four in One 2.0.

The Nested Four in One 2.0 is made from the same alloy that our beautiful Replica Morgan Dollar Coin Set 2.0 is made.  Owing to this new alloy the sets can be softened (yes, you can sand the coins with no change to the coins color) and aged.

This beautiful gaff is only slightly thicker then a Replica Morgan and can be shown front and back. The edges of the coin and shells are all milled for ease of manipulation.

Great for use in matrix or chink-a-chink etc. or get four sets for the perfect explosion.

Made and engineered by Bluether Magic to perfection. This coin gaff is comparable to those made by the world class gaffers.
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